EXCLUSIVE from Paramore Venezuela: Rock Sound photoshoot -without tags!

In this opportunity I'll post a work I've done with the photos published by Rock Sound magazine a few days ago. The photos all around the web are small and low definition, they also have the magazine name tag, which actually ruins the photographic work. Last night I finished this and I'll give them to you now. This is an exclusive from Paramore Venezuela, all photos in high definition and without any kinds of tags. 

Photography edition and credits goes to Paramore Venezuela and to me. If you are going to take these pictures and publish them in your own website or blog, we would appreciate that you give us the credits for it, since it is a work we made by ourselves.

To view and download these photos click on the following image and then when you click on any photo go to the right-down corner and select "full screen mode" to have the images in their original size.